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Daytona Beach Regional Bears Association, Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S.A.
Daytona Beach Party Nov 14-16, 2003
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Daytona Beach Party, November 14-16, 2003
The Waters Edge Hotel
700 North Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach, Florida
386.255.3411   or    866.255.3411

Come join us for  a FUN three day Party in Daytona Beach !  Everyone Welcome !


Everyone Welcome ! Bring a Friend !
Join us for FUN & see a Great Art Exhibition too!

For more information -
Mr. Richard Postelwaite - Manager or Mr. Michael Blake -  Events Coordinator of:
The Streamline Hotel and Lounge
140 South Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach, Florida   32118
Fax: 1.386.258.6541

A great Pool PARTY with a D.J. during the day, and parties each evening at the various clubs in town !
Please be sure to drop in to  Rumors, 1376 North Nova Road, Daytona Beach or
The Zone Bar and Grill, 322 Seabreeze Boulevard, Daytona Beach
Michaels Full Liquor Bar, 116 Madison Avenue, Daytona Beach
The Other Place Nite Club, 632 South Atlantic Avenue, Ormond Beach
Are you new to the area? Are you visiting Family or Friends?  For your 24/7 convenience there is a great expanded Map on the wall listing directions  at:
1. Michaels Restaurant
Plot and Plan your Three Day Weekend Party !


Daytona Beach Regional Bears Association of Florida
Representing Seminole, Flagler and Volusia Counties, Florida    U.S.A.