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Daytona Beach Regional Bears Association, Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S.A.
Ethel Baskets
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" ETHEL " Baskets for the Needy. This activity is a continuous collection activity - we hope eventually to do this with regularity. The items  include: razors, shaving cream, shampoo, bars of soap, deodorant, and all other general toiletries.  Additionally we add canned and non-perishable foodstuffs and childrens toys. All donations are *welcomed* and can be dropped off at the Front Desk of The Streamline Hotel and Lounge .
The name "Ethel " is used in fond memory of : Mr. Giorge Nigeradze whom we lost to AIDS.  During his life he was affectionately called "Ethel".
This activity is helped by  Mr. James Halls efforts, a Daytona Beach Bear,  and also with John Nicholsons' help and assistance, another Daytona Beach Bears'.  
James Hall was referred to as "Lucy".
Everyone please help us continue this worthwhile activity.
Thank you.

"ETHEL" Baskets:
1.  December 2002
2.  December 2003
3.  Another Great Success : December 2004
4.  Planning:  ' 2005 ' .

December 2, 2002
"Ethel" Baskets from our community to our community!




Another Successful Community Food Drive ! Thanks Daytona ! December 2004

...and yet more Success ! Flamingos' Community Food Drive for Outreach - Dec. 2004

In Fond and Loving Memory of
      Mr. Giorge Nigeradze

Daytona Beach Regional Bears Association representing
 Seminole, Volusia and Flagler Counties,  Florida,    U.S.A.