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Daytona Beach Regional Bears Association, Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S.A.
*The Grotto*
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The Grotto - North Halifax Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida  U.S.A.

*The Grotto* - a place we hope will be used by everyone. Should anyone ever need a place to have a time for personal  introspection or a place to mourn or think of a lost loved, or a pleasant place to help relieve the stresses of the day, please visit *The Grotto*.
Mr. Timothy Callahan, Member of The Daytona Beach Bears and The Flamingo Horticulture/Garden Club  hopes to landscape the existing *Grotto* to make it an inviting place for the local residents or anyone to use should they ever feel the need for a nicely landscaped, peaceful, tranquil setting.  Tim committed himself , once complete, to maintain *The Grotto* as long as he resides at his present address on Halifax. Tim Callahan is our notorious 'hairless' Bear of The Daytona Beach Regional Bears Association. Anyone wishing to make donations of plants or whatever please do not hesitate to stop in and visit Tim Callahan. 1108 North Halifax Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida U.S.A.
Tim has done this before, most recently at his previous residence at 'The Hunt Club' where he freely landscaped and maintained a cul de sac area there for all the residents to view and enjoy.
The Flamingo Horticulture /Garden Club &  Daytona Beach Bears have committed themselves to the landscaping of 'The Grotto' . Once completed, another Community area will be selected , and another, and another . . .
Thank you Tim Callahan for all your many free efforts and contributions in trying to enhance The Community!
The pictures below are the   *Before Landscaping* pictures.




A Planning Dinner and Social at Tim Callahans concerning "The Grotto" Landscaping

Daytona Beach Regional Bears Association representing
Seminole, Volusia, and Flagler Counties, Florida   U.S.A.